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We’re Josh & Jenna, two whiskey aficionados and candy lovers who married our two favorite things – sugar & booze – to create the most outrageously awesome gourmet marshmallows, whiskey & beer brittle.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign to read about how it all began!

We're a small batch artisan candy company making sweets the old-school way - by hand, with the finest ingredients, with love and a whole lotta bang. We love taking the classic, old-world sweets we all loved as kids and remixing them to tantalize our now adult tastes, finding inspiration in music, art, and life.

We don't use any corn syrup, cornstarch, preservatives, industrial strength extracts, or chemically-based food dyes (yellow #5 is for your crayon box, thankyouverymuch). And we make it with booze. Did we mention that? Yeah. There's that.

The West Coast Brooklyn, The Town, The Sunny Side of the Bay – whatever you wanna call it, we’re proudly located in sunny Oakland, California, a hotbed of passionate creativity with a thriving arts and foodie scene (and the world’s most perfect weather, not to rub it in, you know). The amazing artisans around here are constant inspirations to us, and we look forward to growing our company and making an indelible impact on and positive contribution to the community we love so much.

Because we believe candy should be fun. Sexy. Silly. Natural – but still bursting with flavor. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither does our candy. And, there’s nothing better than hearing that “wow” from somebody’s first bite.

Sugar Knife is candy for the cool kids, in a world where everyone’s a cool kid.


When will my order ship?

About 5-7 business days after being placed (USA); extra time if it's a holiday period.
I'm local - can I pick up my order?

For sure. For orders $50 and up we can arrange for pick-up at our favorite local boutique, Owl N' Wood on Grand Ave. Just order online as usual and input PICKUP2016 at checkout so you won't be charged for shipping. We'll email you with instructions when it's ready to be picked up.
HEY, my favorite flavor is SOLD OUT! WHAT GIVES!?

GAH! We know the feeling - you get a serious craving for something only to have your tastebud dreams shattered like broken glass at an abandoned fun house (or something like that). We're a small family operation and everything is handmade in real time, so our sweets tend to sell out quickly (like, yesterday). If there's a specific flavor you're hankering for just email us and we'll notify you when we have more available. In the meantime, we'll be working on getting a e-newsletter together so we can blast out when things are re-stocked (WE CAN'T MAKE ENOUGH CANDY TO FEED Y'ALL! :)
What are Sugar Knife Marshmallows made out of?

Only the best stuff ever: pure cane sugar, filtered water, [pork-based] gelatin, housemade sugar syrup (filtered water, pure cane sugar, cream of tartar, sea salt), Kosher salt, confectioner’s sugar, potato starch, and a whole lotta bang. Depending on flavors we also use ripe fruit, nuts, real coffee, real vanilla bean, and of course - top-shelf booze. No extracts or fake colors or chemically-based flavors, ‘cuz that’s just not how we get down.
What is Sugar Knife Whiskey & Beer Brittle made out of?

Whiskey and beer, hello. Ok, and a few other awesome things, too: premium butter, nuts (we use shared equipment with peanuts), our housemade sugar syrup (filtered water, pure cane sugar, cream of tartar), sea salt, organic vanilla extract, and baking soda.
How much alcohol is in your candy?

Not enough to get you tanked, you lush. By law, confections made in California cannot exceed more than 5% alcohol by weight, and some of that cooks out - so you get just the essence a la booze.
Are your sweets kid-friendly?

Totally! Start 'em out early with the good stuff, folks, or it'll only go down hill from here.
Do you use any corn syrup or corn products?

NOPE. We make our own propriety housemade sugar syrup in lieu of corn syrup, both out of consideration for those with corn allergies and those who want to limit their corn syrup intake. Serendipitously, we’ve discovered that our sugar syrup results in a puffier, fluffier marshmallow than those made with corn syrup (you're welcome!). It’s a lot more work to make and use our syrup, but we think you’re totally worth it. We also use potato starch instead of cornstarch to dust our marshmallows.
Do you use any preservatives, artificial flavorings or food coloring?

No chemical preservatives, no artificial flavorings, and only natural food coloring (derived from plants) for just a couple of recipes. There’s more than enough mass-produced, chemically-laden candy crap out there. We make the kind of sweets we actually want to eat and gift.
Don't you think you're contributing to American obesity!? (waging finger)

Our stance on sugar might surprise you. We think that Americans do in fact consume way too much of the white stuff, often unknowingly. Instead of treating it like an indulgence, it's often eaten with abandon (and sneakily hidden in packaged foods, soda, energy drinks, jarred pasta sauce, etc.!). Champagne is special in part because we don't drink it everyday. We see our candy in the same vein: treat it like the celebration that it is, savor every sweet, sugary bite, and don't waste your sugar allocation on the cheap, crappy stuff - go straight for the top shelf.

Anyway, something's gonna kill you. Might as well be a boozy marshmallow. ;)

How do you suggest I eat a Sugar Knife Marshmallow?

With your mouth, nuk nuk nuk. Ok, seriously: there are endless ways to consume these little puffs of ecstasy and here are just a few: torched or roasted over cupcakes and ice cream, smooshed in between oatmeal cookies, oven-melted over cherry pie, flambe'd over milkshakes, IN A HAM SANDWICH (not for the lily-livered). Get crazy with 'em. Let yourself go. #sugarknife for your most insane creations.
What are your most popular marshmallow flavors?

Cookies and C.R.E.A.M., Hella Frangelica, and You Fancy, Huh? would be our three most popular puffs.
How long do Sugar Knife Marshmallows last?

FOREVER. No, no of course not. Preservatives are for losers, so we don’t use any. Your small-batch puffs are good to go in their bag for up 12 weeks (depending on your weather and humidity). Of course, as with any artisan candy, we suggest you eat them sooner than later, which won't be an issue because OMG THEY ARE BOMB. Once opened, transfer them to an air-tight container (like a Mason jar) and keep in a cool, dry place.
note: if your puffs start getting a little moist/sticky in their bag, just take them out to air dry for a couple of hours. You can then dust them with a coating of powdered sugar if desired. A little dried out? Stick a damp (not wet) paper towel in the jar for several hours to rehydrate them. Yeah, we got tricks.
How long does Sugar Knife Whiskey/Beer Brittle last?

Brittle will stay good in the bag for about 12 weeks (8 weeks for Bacon Brittle). It’s not that it goes bad or anything, just that it loses some of its crunch over time (exposure to air speeds this up in a hurry). And nobody likes a floppy piece of brittle.
What are your most popular flavors of brittle?

The Filthy Pig (oink oink), The Big Poppa, and Town Biz.
Are Sugar Knife Marshmallows kosher, vegetarian or vegan?

No. After experimenting with several different varieties of gelatin, we discovered that pork-based gelatin gave our puffs the fluffiest, lightest texture. We've been experimenting with making vegan and kosher puffs so please stay tuned. We totally hear you.
Are Sugar Knife Marshmallows gluten-free?

Yes, naturally gluten free.
What size are Sugar Knife Marshmallows?

The perfect bite size of approximately 1.25" x 1.25" x 1". Each puff is individually hand-cut (and Jenna’s got the biceps to prove it), so no two will ever be the same.
Can I stalk you online?

Instagram: @sugarknifecandy
Twitter: @sugarknifecandy
Do you ship internationally?

Oui, oui, via USPS First Class International. We're quite popular in Italy, Germany, and England!
Do you do wholesale?

We LOVE our retail partners! But, we're currently maxed out on production and can't take on any more accounts right now. Please drop us a line anyway, and as soon as we get a bigger production facility we will reach out. Email us at Hi-five!
Do you do custom flavors, catering, or events?

Like a boss! Contact us if you’re interested in a custom flavor – we ship across the globe and we’ve done them for everything from fundraisers to sports events to a Vegas showgirl’s retirement party (we'll never tell we totally will if you buy us a drink).
We also cater locally within the San Francisco Bay Area, with the most popular request being a custom s’mores bar set up for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. You heard right. A CUSTOM S'MORES BAR, complete with your choice of marshmallow flavors, graham crackers (yup, we make those too), chocolate and spreads (Nutella, peanut butter, ganache, cookie butter, whiskey caramel sauce), and an endless array of toppings (candied jalapenos, crushed Oreos, candied grapefruit peel, toasted coconut, Grand Marnier cherry sauce, cacao nibs, Bourbon-glazed bacon, pistachio brittle...the list goes on) - all of which can be customized to suit your theme and your tastes. Our S'mores Bar is especially popular at weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. Shoot us an email for more details and a quote. Please note that we book out months in advance, so don't dwaddle!
Where are you guys based?

The West Coast Brooklyn, The Town, The Sunny Side of the Bay – whatever you wanna call it, we’re proudly located in sunny Oakland, California, a hotbed of passionate creativity with a thriving arts and foodie scene (and the world’s most perfect weather, not to rub it in, you know). The amazing artisans around here are constant inspirations to us, and we look forward to growing our company and making an indelible impact on and positive contribution to the community we love so much.

Does your candy make for good gifts and if so, can I ship to my gift recipient directly?

Real talk: what you gift someone actually says quite a lot about YOU. Like, say, a bag of store-bought chemical-shit-storm marshmallows with unpronounceable ingredients that would give you champ status in Scrabble ("I just pretend to like you, but thanks for inviting me over"), vs. some gourmet Sugar Knife Sweets ("I've got this gifting game on lock down yo, back on up and revel in the glory that is my special power of being.") get the gist. Remember to specify the address you're shipping to and whatever sweet and lovey message you want to go along with it. We exist solely to make you look good. By the way, that shirt really brings out your eyes.

Do you have a storefront?

Not yet. Find us exclusively online and in your dreams.

Who did your website/logo/photos?

Only the most talented trio ever.
Our website designer extraordinaire, HQ, helped us design this badass site and our graphic designer, Ian Vadas designed our logos and labels. Photos are a combination of those taken by Jenna and SF food photographer legend, Noel Barnhust.


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